Feedback from our guests…

We are always happy to get feedback from our guests. As a small independent guest house we are unable to compete with large multi-national hotel chains which operate in our town.

Everyone knows what to expect from ‘the big guys’; a decent room and mostly a decent night sleep but nothing more.

Small Guesthouses like Altonlea offer a more character and personality and while we are sure some people just want a room we hope we offer something more.

In order to compete with the large chain hotels who have mega advertising budgets and vast armies of web programmers who can direct target individuals, we rely on basic web knowledge and an army of loyal and passionate previous guests who have kindly offered you (our perspective guests) some incite and experiences of their time with us.

Please feel free to add a review of your own stay with us using any of the sites below!


1000 reviews from direct bookers
1000 reviews from direct bookers

Freetobook is the company that we use to create and manage our online-booking engine. Guests who have stayed with us automatically receive an email inviting them to leave us a review. All reviews are genuine feedback from people who have actually stayed with us. We do have the ability to withhold negative or uncomplimentary reviews, but decided at the very start that we would be open and clear with guest comments and have no reviews not shown. Click here to open a new window where you can browse all our reviews.

Trip Advisor

We have been collecting reviews on our TripAdvisor page dating way back to 2007! You can view the reviews here but remember, you will pay a lot more to book with OTA (Online Travel Agents) who charge up to 20% commission on bookings!

We have won the Traveler’s Choice award every year since it was introduced in 2020 and won the Certificate of Excellence award every year since 2011! These awards are based on reviews posted on the TripAdvisor website.


Our Facebook page is a little dusty, but we try to post events and inspirational images (usually snapped while walking along the beach) so it’s always worth taking a look. On our page you’ll also be able to view more public reviews from previous guests. if you visit don’t forget to follow us and give us a like!


Our entry on Google has had a few independent reviews too and we are so happy to hear from guests on there. Google is a great source of bookings for us so we really appreciate those who have taken the time to submit a review!

Feedback from our guests.

We would love to hear from anyone who has stayed with us before. Please feel free to come back any time.